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Chamber Marketing Campaign


Passion is not enough…Invest in the Future!

In keeping with the Harbor Springs Area Chamber’s mission, “To promote…the Harbor Springs Area,” your Chamber is launching the 2014 Harbor Springs Area Marketing Challenge Campaign.  The goal of this campaign will be to engage people, attract them to the area year-round and show them that the Harbor Springs area is the quintessential jewel of Northern Michigan! 

The economic impact of tourism for our general area is estimated to be nearly $480 million annually.  Because tourism is responsible for a significant share of spending in the area, it supports many jobs.  Tourism-based businesses directly employ nearly 20% of the workforce in our 2 county area.  Tourism spending also has a multiplier effect, creating & maintaining jobs in other industries, generating additional income & earnings in different sectors, and re-circulating millions in the local economy.  Thus, the real importance of this campaign!

To be successful we invite your support…Passion is not enough, so invest today!  Attracting visitors to our area year-round is vital to sustaining and growing our tourism based economy.  You can help us achieve this goal by pledging a dollar amount that best represents your commitment to bring more commerce to the Harbor Springs Area.   Stafford’s Hospitality contributed the initial $1,000 to kick off the campaign! Plus, the HSACC will contribute $1,500 quarterly upon meeting or exceeding its operating budget at that time.

Each contributing business or individual will receive public recognition in support for this campaign. We want everyone to know those of you who are stepping up to help take the Harbor Springs Area to the next level of promotion.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!



   Daniel  DeWindt 

Daniel DeWindt
Harbor Springs Area Chamber, Exec. Director


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2014 Marketing Challenge Pledge Form

2014 Marketing Challenge Pledge Form