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Member Direct

The Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Member Direct gives you an efficient way to request information from specific Chamber members that you have found on our Web site. 
To use this feature, first browse our members.  If you see someone of interest, simply add members automatically to your Member Direct list by clicking on the Member Direct icon that is located within their profile page.  This will create a shopping cart of information. 
You can continue to search and add members to this area as you wish.  You can also remove members should you choose.
Once you have added your members, simply enter your personal information along with any comments you may want to include and and the members you selected will each receive an email message that will include the information you provided!  (The submission form will appear as soon as you add a member to your Member Direct list.)
Happy searching!
Please click here to return to Member Businesses and continue searching for new members to add to your Member Direct list.

How do I add things to my list?

Add to Member Direct
If you see this on a page, you can click on it to add it to your Member Direct list
First browse our members. If you find something of interest, click the "Add to Member Direct" icon and they will be added to your list.