• Board and Staff

  • Marcie Wolf
    Marcie Wolf
    President (2018)

    Abuzz Creative
    Harbor Springs

  • Carol Laenen
    Carol Laenen
    Secretary (2018)

    North Central MI College
    1515 Howard Street, Petoskey

  • Gill Whitman
    Gill Whitman
    Trustee (2017)

    Berkshire Hathaway
    102 East Main Street

  • Georgia Abbott
    Georgia Abbott
    Executive Director


  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson
    Vice President (2019)

    Birchwood Farms Golf & CC
    600 Birchwood Drive

  • Jim Connaughton
    Sandy Duley
    Past President (2017)

    Edward Jones
    930 S. State St.

  • Frank Shumway
    Frank Shumway
    Trustee (2018)

    Birchwood Inn
    7077 South Lake Shore Drive

  • Marge Owen
    Marge Owen
    Administrative Manager


  • Mary Cummings
    Mary Cummings
    Treasurer (2017)

    HS Area Historical Society
    349 East Main Street











  • Josh Baker
    Josh Baker
    Trustee (2017)

    The Outfitter
    153 East Main


    John Cupps
    Cupps Masonry

    Michelle Kruzel
    Buday+Kruzel Architects

    Andi Shepherd
    Emmet County Recycling

    Kristy Whitman
    Northern Community Mediation


    Tom Richards City of Harbor Springs

    Mark Thompkins Harbor Springs Public Schools

    Rachel Smolinski HARBOR, Inc.

    Carlin Smith Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce

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