• Board and Staff

  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson
    President (2018)

    Birchwood Farms Golf & CC
    600 Birchwood Drive

  • Kristy Whitman
    Secretary (2019)

    Northern Comm. Mediation
    415 State Street, Petoskey

  • Josh Baker
    Josh Baker
    Director (2017)

    The Outfitter
    153 East Main

  • Carol Laenen
    Carol Laenen
    Vice President (2018)

    North Central MI College
    1515 Howard St., Petoskey

  • Frank Shumway
    Frank Shumway
    Past President (2018)

    Birchwood Inn
    7077 S. Lake Shore Drive

  • Georgia Abbott
    Georgia Abbott
    Executive Director


  • Mary Cummings
    Mary Cummings
    Treasurer (2017)

    HS Area Historical Society
    349 East Main Street

  • Gill Whitman
    Gill Whitman
    Director (2017)

    Berkshire Hathaway
    102 East Main Street


    John Cupps
    Cupps Masonry

    Michelle Kruzel
    Buday+Kruzel Architects

    Andi Shepherd
    Emmet County Recycling



    Tom Richards 

    City of Harbor Springs

    Mark Thompkins 

    Harbor Springs Public Schools

    Rachel Smolinski 

    HARBOR, Inc.

    Carlin Smith 

    Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce

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