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  • Your Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Your Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce provides business guidance, thought leadership and business knowledge to its members by providing educational programs and events and assisting with talent and skills development.  Through exceptional connections, collaborations and communication, the HSACC acts as a catalyst for civic-economic development alignment in the greater Harbor Springs area by advocating and supporting the entrepreneurial pipeline to maximize business growth and sustainability.

  • Mission Statement

    Promoting, enhancing and contributing to the success of the business community and visitor experience.

  • Vision Statement

    The Chamber of Commerce will be a catalyst for positive change, and an essential resource in maintaining, growing and expanding a vibrant business sector for the greater Harbor Springs area.

  • Statement of Values

    The Harbor Springs Area Chamber of Commerce will adhere to these values to ensure a positive reputation as an organization that is working to help our members and the communities we serve.

    • Leadership and Advocacy – Fosters an environment that dedicates its resources to the growth and success of its business community and the local economy.
    • Focus - Emphasizes member needs, and focuses on the success of the Harbor Springs area business community.
    • Empowerment – Enhances our members’ personal and professional growth through resources and educational opportunities.
    • Stewardship – Protects the vital resources valued by the business community and tourism industry.
    • Collaboration – Values the diversity of our business community and encourages participation, inclusion, and collaboration.
    • Connection – Connects people, community, resources, and commerce.
    • Innovation and Tradition – Focuses its efforts on remaining a relevant, forward-thinking organization that also preserves and honors its strong history.
    • Support -- Proactively supports the visitor experience by identifying and responding to the needs of a diverse and changing business community.

    Please feel free to email info@harborspringschamber.com for more information.

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